Through the mill.


I’ve sat on the grass by Brill Windmill a few times. One night with friends waiting for a thunderstorm that never came, I nearly electrocuted myself when wandering down the hill looking for a spot to pee after too many ciders. Another occasion, I sat here with an old boyfriend, towards the end of our relationship. As I stared at the setting sun and daydreamed out loud, he complained he was cold and bored, feelings I grew to replicate in our relationship in the months that followed.
I spent my first year in Oxfordshire feeling sorrowful that the landscape around me was a little..bland? I’ve always lived near water, near the coast or in a city. I’m coming up to my three year mark in a commuter town with no towering skyscrapers, no grand architecture, no rugged coastline, no seaside. Whilst I’m in no way convinced this is where I belong, and I still find the landscape in my immediate vicinity to be largely uninspiring, if you go out and seek to find a little haven, you will always find one.

Love and lingering


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