The world is flat.


I sometimes forget that I have lain on a boat, adrift in the Andaman Sea, staring at the endless horizon as the sun set on another beautiful day on earth. It feels like a lifetime ago.
Now, I’m not entirely sure, but I think the angle of this picture means that the horizon is ever so slightly skewiff, just ever so ever so slightly awkwardly tilting. Rather than straighten it up with the magic of photoshop, I thought to leave it wonky. Life is wonky. I am wonky. I have always chosen the wonkiest of pathways to get me to a seemingly straightforward goal, but it works for me. Similarly though, it may not be wonky at all and it’s just my perception, which sort of backs up the theory of me being wonky.

Either way, I like to remember every now and then, that I have been to these places and I’ve seen these turquoise seas and white sands and enviable sunsets. I met a man in Vietnam who said he would never have the money to travel to the north of the country, let alone to another continent. I have to remember, I made good choices on my meandering path, and I’m lucky to have these incredible choices to make.

Love and luck


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