Borispol, Kiev

I’m half way along with my trip half way around the world, and seeing as I have FREE WIFI (in the hotel I eventually got coerced into getting) I figure I’ll do a little blog post.

I was all for sitting on the floor in the airport for 18hours before my connecting flight tomorrow and NOT getting a hotel.. but after a week of not sleeping through nerves and excitement I figured it best to arrive in Bangkok refreshed and having had a nice sleep, not just after a quick personal wash in a sink in a very very sparse departure lounge.
I say would have been only a 14 hour stint on the airport floor.

I’ll tell you for why!

We ended up sitting on the plane, not moving and with noone communicating in English why we weren’t moving or when we would be moving, for 4 hours. FOUR HOURS. argh. I feel like I got in a big sweaty tin can, and a really big man just threw it, with true olympic force, to the Ukraine. People clapped when we landed. “Our planes are not always so good” they said.. “oh and stay off the buses” yaaah.

A thing I did enjoy on the flight, along with the tiny food, was time to think. I like my time alone, and its nice to have it when you’re starting a whole new era in life, nice to reflect. I did realise, a year in the most touristy part of London prepared me well for being surrounded by eastern europeans! it felt completely normal to not understand what people were saying. I fed my fascination with body language. I secretly fired my imagination, inventing life stories for my fellow passengers, and I made an airplane playlist on my ipod, just perfect for watching the clouds go by.

Now I’m checked in at Kiev, at the Korona hotel (pretty sure there was a 90’s dance group called Korona/Corona?) I have a king size bed, two leather armchairs and a bath we all could live in. oh, and a spare room incase anyone wants to stay over? 🙂 HUGE suite.

I have no idea where my luggage is. Hopefully it will meet me in Bangkok.. I have a feeling I could survive on the two tops and two pairs of leggings I’ve got with me if necessary though. I’m in the zone and shit.

That brings us to the end of my quick blog post. It’s more for my benefit than anyone else’s. It’s midnight and I’ve seen Hostel, so I’m not going out there on my own now.. I have a beer and I just managed to re-tune an LG tv in Ukrainian all by myself, because I am pretty awesome. It’s a foreign tv show and an early night kinda night for me. Nearly there 🙂

Love and long haul xxx


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