KSR – Bangkok touch down 0108

Gin & Wonder.

Imagine the commercialism of Oxford Street mashed with the hoards of tat and varying scents of hot food & week old piss of Camden and the staggering drunks from your local dive. Now add 5am road sweepers with hand made twig brushes singing their favourite Thai tune, ever-crowing roosters, wild fowl, scabby cats, the occasional bat, skinny pigeons, weird squirrels and dogs with tits to rival Ann Widdecombe..plus tuk tuks, motorbikes and bright pink taxis whizzing past at a hundred miles an hour.. and we have my first taste of Bangkok. I fear for my life but I can buy pretty things!

There’s a McDonald’s, a KFC, even a Boots (where you can buy home enemas, charcoal, and just about every kind of medicine you’ll ever need) all along side cozy open bars with elaborate decking, hookah pipes and palm trees. A constant stream of locals meander past, selling hammocks…

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