To the moon (party) & back.

So our journey south began at 7pm on a nice air conditioned double deckered coach, with Mission Impossible 4 as our onboard movie.
It gets dark pretty early here so there wasn’t much to see along the way, but the roads were peppered with the usual stalls selling food, drinks, batteries, jewellery and other boat/bus trips. I watched the moon rise and admired some rain of biblical proportions as everyone slept.
We pulled up to stop about midnight, a nice opportunity to stretch our legs, grab a smoke and use a more preferable toilet.. even if it was just a hole in the ground. We set off again into the night after half an hour and again most people slept from the off. Valium, what a treat.
We arrived at our dock about 7am and grabbed some rice for breakfast which I ended up sharing with a local dog, and after much kerfuffle and being herded around like sheep, we boarded a packed out ship to Koh Phangan.

We made the most of the air con sitting below deck watching the Hangover 2 and Immortals. I’ve got some good film watching in is great for watching movies.
After a few hours we sat up top, our legs dangling over the side of the boat and we watched the island approach.
I’m still not running on Thai time.. so no sleep for me yet. Next up, party island.

Love and lay bys


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