Milkshakes and making friends

Another gorgeous, slightly more organised boat trip with plenty of sunscreen applied this time, and we arrive suitably baked and exhausted on Koh Tao. We expect the hoards of taxi drivers approaching now, so we walk a few minutes up from the rickety wooden pier into a maze of alleyways, just as packed with shops and stalls, only this time every other shop is a dive centre. From my understanding, Koh Tao has some of Thailand’s most beautiful dive sites and if i were a braver girl and didn’t look so horrendous in a wet suit I’d give it a go.
We approach a few taxi drivers asking for a lift to our hostel and to our disappointment and increasing panic, no one knows where it is.. and the address is local to the pier too. We’re once again sweltering and we collapse on the side of a busy road, outside a massage parlour, opposite a tattooist and try to find a map.
I wander off up the hill, and luckily notice the building numbers, ours is a small alleyway between The Jolly Roger and another tattoo parlour, and after some loud talking and hand signals through a window, a woman gives me a key and a guy leads us up some stairs round the back of a scuba shop and into THE HOTTEST ROOM ON THE PLANET. we have a tv and I do love my background noise, so we grab our showers, watch a bit of Dexter (end of season one, just before Deb nearly gets sliced and diced) and head off for a wander back the way we came.
Each building off the alleyway has a terrace on the beach, we pick the cheap one and order the seafood again (i could blog about everything I’ve eaten here but you’d just get jealous..) I opt for a banana and chocolate shake too, I’ve had a long day so I can treat myself, then we head into the bar playing Fleetwood Mac to watch the sunset.
This will be our first Thai sunset, as we’ve been facing the wrong side of the planet so far.. we pull up some cushions and hit the cocktails. And beers. And spirits. By just 10pm, we are suitably shitfaced, have made friends with the aussie and the american behind the bar and they’re letting us take pics behind the counter. We dream out loud of owning a bar on the beach, and harass the customers the way only drunken barmaids do 🙂
On the way home, we remember we can get hot sandwiches from the 7/11.. and I buy crabsticks and wasabi. We make a plan to head to Sairee beach the following day, as recommended by an old australian couple, and try to sleep again, watching Josie and The Pussycats in Thai. It’s damn hot. And there’s a duvet. Ridiculous!
Love and long island iced teas


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